GT Model

At 10,000 RPM, you don’t know if that sound is coming from the game or from you.

The GT racing simulator adds another level of race car realism with a fixed bucket racing seat and lower profile, inspired by F-1 cars.  The GT Racing Simulator redefines video gaming authenticity, positioning you much like an F-1 driver in an open-wheel racer cockpit. The no-compromises driving position is where you want to be when pulling serious virtual G’s.

Uncompromisingly Different

The GT Racing simulator comes fully equipped, with the Side Gear shift mount for the professional racer.  Using those deft clutch moves and heel-and-toes, you can show your friends what can be done. The shift lever is placed just where you need it when you need to pull off a split-second downshift coming out of a corner, the wheel and pedals are where they need you be when you are moving flat-out on a track.

Setting benchmarks, not limits.

When it comes to design, we don’t think in lines and surface, we think in straights and bends.

If a racing simulator is going to have the pulse-pounding heart of a GT simulator, it need a driver that’s equipped to handle it.  From the front pedal holder to the signature GT Bucket racing seat, this racing simulator has GT written all over it.

If ever there were a higher calling for performance, this is it.

With a 6-speed Logitech or Fanatec sports shifter(not included) paired with the latest Gran Turismo or Formula racing game, racers can be sure to get their hearts pumping during every second of the game. The all-new GT Racing Simulator has what it takes to keep up with the latest advances in peripherals and sims.

Your standards are high.  That’s why ours are even higher.


  • Length: 54 inches
  • Steering height: 22 inches
  • Monitor height: 52 inches
  • Total height: 41 inches
  • Width: 24 inches
  • Gross Weight: 36 kg
  • Frame Material: Alloy Steel
  • Seat Material: Fiberglass, Cloth
  • Seat Bracket Material: Alloy Steel
  • Table Material: Alloy Steel
  • Monitor Mount: VESA standard compliant (MAX 37 inches)

Standard Equipment:

  • Shift Mount
  • GTS Adjustble Racing Seat
  • GTR Seat Slider

*Monitor, Logitech G27 Steering Wheel, Shifter, and pedals are not included


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