"GTR Simulator. There is no comparison."

About Us

It is with great honor that we  present our GTR Simulator line as part of the growing Abtivan family.  Founded in 2002, Abtivan was created by Howard Yang.  Built from the need for a steady supply of reliable performance parts, Howard created a business selling automotive components to other enthusiasts after procuring inventory for his race vehicle.  Howard’s best friend Kevin Chen is a professional racer racing in GP2 and WTCC, Kevin later partner up with Howard.


the vision

Following consecutive first place victories in SCCA Touring 2 Championships, Kevin continued pushing through the ranks in Formula racing, even becoming the spokesperson for Microsoft Xbox 360 Forza in Taiwan.  Passion for racing demanded additional track time, even when tracks were unavailable.  To sharpen his skill, Kevin implemented the benefits provided by racing simulators to enable him more hours behind the wheel.  Despite their advantages, the sim cockpits on the market faced several roadblocks in that they were either unsteady, unrealistic, or simply unaffordable.  Together with his business partner Howard and their many connections with professional drivers, engineers, and fabricators, Kevin sought to apply their knowledge to build his own simulator that would provide an improved racing experience without breaking the bank.

              Countless hours were spent examining performance vehicles, transposing measurements of seating positions, and carefully selecting the best real-world traits to be utilized by a simulation gaming rig.  Through meticulous engineering and craftsmanship, the GTR Simulator was born, and through it GTR Simulator Inc. as a distinction from our auto parts business.  Gamers and race enthusiasts alike no longer need team sponsorship, a license, nor even a helmet to experience the thrill of behind the wheel racing.


Since 2010, Abtivan has been offering professional grade GTR simulators at an affordable cost available to those in North America (USA, Canada, Mexico) Europe (UK, Germany, France, Italy, Spain) Australia and Japan.  Through our license with Microsoft, and financial backing from the Franz Collection, we seek to bring further innovative gaming peripherals compatible with the GTR framework to market in the near future.  We’d like to welcome you to the GTR family and hope to see you on the track, virtual or otherwise!