GTA-F Simulator: Cooler Master Edition –An All-New Sim Racing Experience

The all new home racing simulator by GTR Simulator and Cooler Master is a professional grade gaming cockpit and workstation that combines the features desired by both desk jockeys and professional drivers. This professional racing simulator has been meticulously engineered to provide real-world ergonomics that will support your body with the comfort needed whether you’re looking to train for 24 hours of Le Mans, or simply need a gaming rig to pull the occasional all-nighter. Backed by supports for either triple flat-panel or curved ultra-wide (21:9) monitors (30” or 35”) that can be adjusted for both height and depth, you will be granted the perspective necessary to corner any race from opening lap to opening bell. ​


Work Hard and Play Harder, Without Breaking a Sweat

This Racing simulatorIncludes a set of stowable quick-release work and play decks that can be quickly removed and easily stowed while the other is in use. The included swivel-mount keyboard and mouse tray can be used for crunching numbers and slaying spreadsheets, then when work is complete the tray can be stowed and swapped out for a pre-drilled control mounting deck that can be fit to the steering controls of your liking. No longer will you have to mount and dismount your steering column or yoke to your desktop. At the wave of a flag you can quickly swap the top, get behind the wheel and into your favorite driving simulator!


  • Steering platform height and distance
  • Shifter height and distance
  • Pedal angle
  • Frame length
  • Gaming chair forward position
  • Gaming chair backrest angle
  • Triple monitor array height and depth

Standard Equipment:

  • GTA Adjustable Bucket Racing Seat
  • GTA Single Seat Slider
  • Adjustable Steering Wheel Plate
  • AdjustableFrame Length
  • Adjustable Pedal Angle
  • Adjustable Steering Angle
*Logitech G27 Steering Wheel, Shifter, and pedals are not included
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