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RealSimGear Cirrus Side Stick Yoke

RealSimGear Cirrus Side Stick Yoke

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The RealSimGear Cirrus Side Stick Yoke is an exact replica of that found in the real Cirrus SR20 and SR22 aircraft, and features dual axis force feedback control for the ultimate in training effectiveness.

The RealSimGear Cirrus Yoke has the same amount of travel as the real aircraft with 150mm total travel (+/-75mm) in pitch and +/- 45 degrees in roll.  The movement of the yoke in the roll axis is also matched exactly to the real aircraft.

Featuring selectable control loading for both pitch and roll axis and full electric trim operation.  The yoke moves in both axis when the trim is adjusted and also moves when the autopilot is engaged, just like the real aircraft. 

Pitch and Roll trim stickers are fitted to enable you to practise trim position setting as part of the pre-take off checklist.

Extremely compact design allows the yoke to be positioned correctly with respect to other avionics and components.

The hand stitched leather yoke handle is made to the exact dimensions of the real aircraft.

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