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RealSimGear Modular GCU Stack

RealSimGear Modular GCU Stack

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Stack Configuration

The RealSimGear Modular GCU stack is designed around a base chassis which can have different avionics configuration mounted to the interchangeable faceplate.  Options include:

  • Cirrus Perspective Configuration - GCU47x, GFC700, and GMA350
  • Cirrus Perspective Plus Configuration - GCU479, GFC500 and GMA350
  • Dual GTN Navigators - GMA350, 2x GTN650, and DFC90
  • Dual GNS Navigators - GMA350, 2x GNS430, and DFC90

The Chassis has mounting brackets for our RealSimGear 7 Port USB Hub and you can also add a USB3 > HDMI adapter to allow all the components in the stack to be connected right at the stack.

** This variants with GNS or GTN units are NOT compatible with Mac due to driver and screen handling issues with MacOS.  This will require a PC to work.

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