Learning Double Apex - Which line should I take?

Learning Double Apex - Which line should I take?

Double apex corners in motor racing are a unique challenge, and the best line to take often depends on the driver's experience and the specific characteristics of the car and track. Let's delve into the concept of a double apex turn and discuss the three typical lines drivers might take: Early Entry (Blue Line), Flowing (Red Line), and Wide Entry (Green Line).

### Understanding Double Apex Corners

A double apex corner is essentially a single turn that has two distinct apex points. This type of corner can be tricky because it requires a precise approach to navigate effectively. The goal is to maintain the highest possible speed through the entire corner without compromising the exit speed, which is crucial for the following straight.

### The Three Lines: Blue, Red, and Green

1. **Early Entry (Blue Line)**:
- **Characteristics**: This line involves turning in early towards the first apex and often leads to a wider line through the middle of the corner.
- **Best For**: Newcomers or less powerful cars. It's a safer approach but doesn't utilize the full width of the track.
- **Drawback**: Can compromise exit speed and overall momentum.

2. **Flowing between the Double Apex (Red Line)**:
- **Characteristics**: This line aims to balance between the two apexes, focusing on carrying speed throughout the corner.
- **Best For**: Experienced drivers with well-balanced cars. It requires precise throttle control and steering input.
- **Advantage**: Maximizes exit speed, which is critical for the following straight.

3. **Wide Entry (Green Line)**:
- **Characteristics**: Entails a wide turn-in point, making the initial part of the corner wider but allowing for a shallower and faster exit.
- **Best For**: Advanced drivers in cars with good grip and handling. It's a more aggressive approach.
- **Advantage**: Can lead to a higher exit speed, offering better acceleration out of the turn.

### Which Line is the Best?

The "best" line in a double apex corner depends on various factors:

- **Driver Skill**: Novice drivers might find the Early Entry line more manageable, while seasoned racers might prefer the Wide Entry for its aggressive potential.
- **Car Characteristics**: Cars with strong acceleration and grip can benefit more from the Wide Entry, whereas cars with less power might be better off with an Early Entry or Flowing line.
- **Track Conditions**: Weather and track surface can also influence the choice of line.

### Conclusion

In motor racing, particularly in challenging turns like a double apex, there's no one-size-fits-all answer. Each driver must assess their skill, car, and conditions to choose the most effective line. Understanding these nuances and adapting to them is what makes racing an endlessly fascinating sport.

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