2024 Pre-Order Event

2024 Pre-Order Event

  • The Ultimate Motion Base: Perfect for Flight & Racing

    Welcome to the exclusive pre-order page for GTR Simulator's highly anticipated Q4 product lineup. Secure your spot and be among the first to experience our newest innovations in racing and flight simulation. Enjoy special pre-order discounts with our tiered pricing system!

    How It Works:

    1. Choose Your Product: Select the product you want to pre-order.
    2. Your Discount Tier: Depending on the date you place your pre-order, you will receive a corresponding discount:
    • Tier 1: July 15 - August 2: 30% off
    • Tier 2: August 3 - September 1: 20% off
    • Tier 3: September 2 - September 30: 10% off
    • Tier 4: October 1 - October 29: 5% off

    Complete Your Transaction: Enter the shop page and complete your purchase.


    Why Pre-Order with Us?

    • Exclusive Discounts: Enjoy special pre-order pricing available only to early buyers.
    • Priority Shipping: Be among the first to receive our newest products.
    • Stay Updated: Receive regular updates about your pre-order and product release.

    Don't miss out on these incredible savings and the opportunity to be one of the first to own our cutting-edge racing and flight simulation products. Pre-order now and take advantage of our limited-time discounts!

  • GTM Compact 2 DOF Base

    Introducing the GTR Simulator GTM Compact 2 DOF Base for GTA, GTA Pro, and Advanced Aviation Training Device Flight Simulator – a compact, high-performance motion platform engineered for precision and durability. Experience market-leading design and quality that brings realistic g-force simulation to your racing or flight setup.

  • GTA™️ Compact V2

    Introducing the GTA Compact Foldable Racing Simulator V2,

    a breakthrough in simulation technology with its patented design. Ideal for enthusiasts of both open-wheel and closed-wheel racing, this foldable simulator offers customizable cockpit adjustments and a quick-release system for easy storage.

  • Advanced Aviation Training Device Flight Simulator

    Experience the thrill of flight with the AATD Advanced Aviation Training Device Flight Simulator Frame and Seat. Designed to emulate aircraft like Cirrus, Vision Jet, Cessna, and Diamond, this simulator frame is built from durable powder-coated steel and equipped with versatile mounts for yokes, rudders, and sim racing peripherals. Ideal for both novice pilots and seasoned aviators, it offers unparalleled adjustability and compatibility across PC and console platforms.

GTM Compact: Perfect for Flight & Racing

Feel the Thrill, Precision and Durability in Every Turn with the GTM Compact 2DOF Base. Compatible with GTA, GTA-Pro and AATD model.

Unfold the Future of Racing: Comfort, Adaptability, and Precision in Every Lap

GTA Compact V2 allows you to switch seamlessly between the high-octane world of Indy or Formula racing and the intense circuits of Nascar or Gran Turismo.

Take to the Skies: Precision, Durability, and Realism in Every Flight

AATD Advanced Aviation Training Device Flight Simulator Frame. Designed to emulate aircraft. It is built from durable powder-coated steel and equipped with versatile mounts for yokes, rudders, and sim racing peripherals.

Our Story

Founded in 2002 by Howard Yang, Abtivan was born out of a passion for racing and a need for reliable performance parts. Initially focused on selling automotive components, the business quickly evolved when Howard partnered with professional racer Kevin Chen. Kevin's impressive career included racing in GP2 and WTCC, and consecutive victories in SCCA Touring 2 Championships. He even became the spokesperson for Microsoft Xbox 360 Forza in Taiwan.

As their racing careers progressed, Kevin and Howard recognized the value of simulation for honing racing skills. However, they found existing sim cockpits to be unstable, unrealistic, or prohibitively expensive. Determined to create a better solution, they combined their expertise and connections with professional drivers, engineers, and fabricators to develop their own simulator.

After countless hours of research and development, meticulously examining performance vehicles, and perfecting the seating positions, the GTR Simulator was born. This innovative racing simulator offered an unparalleled experience at an affordable price, allowing gamers and racing enthusiasts to enjoy the thrill of racing without the need for team sponsorship, licenses, or helmets.

Since 2010, Abtivan has been providing professional-grade GTR simulators to customers in North America, Europe, and Australia. Our commitment to innovation continues as we develop cutting-edge sim racing technology under the "Motion Edge" brand. Future advancements will include:

  • Dynamic Active Seat Belt Retractor Tensioner: Enhances realism by simulating seatbelt tension during high-speed maneuvers.
  • Dynamic Active G-Force Seat Add-on Kit: Replicates the physical forces experienced during acceleration, braking, and cornering.
  • 6-DOF Motion Platform: Provides six degrees of freedom, offering the most immersive simulation experience.
  • Traction Loss 3-DOF Platform: Simulates the loss of traction, adding another layer of realism.
  • 4-DOF Motion Kit: Combines pitch, roll, yaw, and heave for a comprehensive motion experience.

With these innovations, GTR Simulator aims to redefine the immersive sim racing experience, pushing the boundaries of what’s possible and bringing even more excitement to racing enthusiasts worldwide.


What will be the official launch day?

October 30th 2024

When can I expect the products to be delivered?

November 2024

More questions?

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