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RealSimGear SRx AATD

RealSimGear SRx AATD

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The RealSimGear SRx is an FAA Approved AATD (Advanced Aviation Training Device) that provides for an ultra-realistic high-fidelity flight simulation system for Cirrus SR20/SR22 type aircraft. The SRx is hands down the best replica of a Cirrus cockpit on the market today! Every detail has been considered in making the SRx including:
  • Replica G1000 avionics that mimic the real aircraft (10.4” IPS screens)
  • Realistic bolster switch panel
  • Electronic SAM backup gauges
  • Leather-trimmed Cirrus side yoke that provides adjustable levels of force as well as movement during trimming and autopilot operation, just like the real aircraft
  • Choice of Perspective or Perspective+ GCU stack (interchangeable for those customers that need the flexibility of both platforms)
  • Realistic throttle console with adjustable tension on throttle/mixture, fuel pump switch and fuel selector
  • Realistic flap selector/indicator
  • Leather trimmed glare shield
  • RealSimGear CAPS console with working CAPS cover, pin, and handle that replicates the true 45lbs of force required for pull in a real aircraft. This also includes an armrest and storage compartment

The SRx is a great system for use in a flight school environment as it allows for the following training activities covered under the AATD approval:

The SRx is also a great choice for home users who are pursuing an Instrument or Commercial rating and/or need a system that allows them to stay Instrument current from the comfort of their home/hangar.

The SRx is sold as a complete turn-key system which includes everything you need to get the system up and running including:

  • RealSimGear Cockpit as outlined above
  • High end performance computer system built by X-Force PC, a long time builder of flight simulator specific computer systems
  • Choice of single 49 or 50” screen or triple 65” screens
    • Photos show triple 65" screen configuration
  • Mounting platform with adjustable seat
  • High end Virtual Fly Ruddo+ rudder pedals
  • X-Plane PRO simulation software
  • Three Torquesim G3 aircraft models, SR20/SR22NA/SR22TN commercial licenses
  • Three Torquesim G6 aircraft models, SR20/SR22NA/SR22T commercial licenses
    • The G6 is an aircraft only model, it does not include Perspective+ avionics at the current time
  • Remote software setup, configuration, and tutorial session
  • 1 year subscription to the RealSimGear Proactive Maintenance and Premium Support plan (optional renewals starting at $650/year)
  • Free standing instructor station with 24” monitor and mobile stand
  • StreamDeck control box which aids in quick setup and operation of the sim

RealSimGear FAA Letter of Authorization (LoA) for the RealSimGear SRx system

RealSimGear strives to ensure that the hardware and software provided as part of our system packages accurately emulates the real aircraft. While our products meet or exceed the requirements of the FAA BATD and AATD standards, there may be slight differences between the simulated hardware and software and the real aircraft.  We are continuously working towards improving and enhancing the accuracy of our products and updates will be provided as they become available.  RealSimGear does not declare or guarantee that the aircraft models or avionics in our simulator systems will perfectly mirror those found in the real aircraft. By purchasing one of our products, the customer acknowledges and accepts the aforementioned statements, and consents to the purchase of the simulator system with the limitations stated above.
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