RH3 USB Hand Brake

RH3 USB Hand Brake

  • Compatible with PC

    Padded Suede Handle Covers

    The RH3 USB handbrake is built with high-quality material, laser cut steel, padded suede handles, and more.

  • Powerful Racing Game Fitment & Experience

    The RH3 USB Handbrake is compatible with PC racing games including iRacing, Forza Horizon 4 & 5, Assetto Corsa, Dirt Rally 2, Project Cars 2 & 3, WRC 7-9. The most supportive gaming wheels and handbrake options for racing games. Its precision won’t decrease over time, thanks to contactless magnetic sensors: no tact switches or potentiometers, for an unlimited product lifespan.

  • Wide Range Compatibility

    The RH3 handbrake is compatible with various models of gaming wheels on PC Windows. Supports multiple racing wheel units including GTR RS30 Wheel, Logitech, and Thrustmaster.

    *Not applicable for Xbox, PlayStation, Mac; Only for Windows PC

Experience the RH3 USB Handbrake

Experience the future of shopping with our immersive 3D model of the GTR RH3 USB Handbrake. Dive into every angle and detail without leaving your home. And for a truly next-level experience, mobile users can tap on 'View GTR RH3 USB Handbrake in Your Space' to utilize the augmented reality feature. Envision exactly how the shifter fits into your setup, bringing your purchase decision to life like never before!

  • Independent Add-on Game Equipment

    The RH3 USB handbrake is independent add-on game equipment for controlling racing games. Not required to install drivers. Connect directly to the USB Port. Convenient USB cable connection to PC.

  • Durable Material & Remarkable Adjustability

    The RH3 handle of the height, angle, and spring tension are adjustable to fit your ideal,  personal racing style. The mounting of the handbrake is also compatible with different racing simulator cockpits.

  • Authentic Racing  Experience with More Precision

    The RH3 sensor adopts automatic calibration Technology without decreasing the accuracy over time. The non-contact RH3 sensor demonstrates the same driving experience as realistic car racing. The USB handbrake is accurate with higher precision.

  • Independent Game Handbrake Enhance Realistic Drift Experience

    The RH3 USB Handbrake comes with an automatic calibration system. Accuracy does not decrease over time. No need to set up and test anymore as it will automatically calibrate.

    The pc handbrake is suitable for major popular racing games.

    Both linear and non-linear games, no drivers required,

    plug and play!

    Restore your 100% racing experience!

  • Specification

    *Light weight CNC machined aluminum and mild steel with surface sandblasting electroplating.

    *Applicable to linear and non-linear games. Playing nonlinear games like ATS , ETS2 the system will automatically switches to nonlinear mode.

    *Non-touch switch, the hall sensor is more precision, longer life.

    *The handbrake is suitable for Windows 7 and above no need extra driver

RH3 USB Hand Brake

RH3 USB Hand Brake