Testimonials & Reviews

Testimonials & Reviews

RS30 wheel & pedals

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GTA-Pro reviewed by Ian

  • Fltmech - Verified Purchase

    "Excellent beginner rig, super stable!!! The seat base is adjustable fore and aft and the seat back has a good range to accommodate how I want to sit which is very upright. I have the Thrustmaster TX wheel base and it doesn’t move when attached, which to me is is very important. I would not hesitate to recommend this product to a friend. Only negative is, the instructions for assembly are pretty weak. Overall, I am extremely satisfied with my GTR racing simulator purchase. It's a fantastic product that offers unbeatable value for money. If you're a racing fan looking to take your gaming experience to the next level, I would highly recommend the GTR racing simulator.

  • William - Verified Purchase

    "Materials including seat and metal look like the price should be twice the price. Goes together es expected except the instructions do not have enough photos and they are too dark to see the details. I figured it out with only one redo of the steering wheel support bar. Now I could do it with one hand tied behind my back. Logitech wheel, pedals and shifter mount perfectly. I had to run to the hardware store to get 6 M6x10 x16mm bolts to mount them but they could also be clamped without the bolts.As I put it together I marveled at the heavy duty quality of the powder coated steel and the seat would look perfectly normal in a lower price range coupe - no premium leather, no cooled or heated seats - but exactly what you would want for a racing simulation racing seat. There is plenty of adjustment and it could be slid out of the way by un-attaching the USB and power cable and you can fold the seat down and store the system upright to save space."

  • Alex - Verified Purchase

    I am thrilled to share my experience with the GTR racing simulator product. As an avid racing enthusiast, I've tried various simulators over the years, but I must say, the GTR racing simulator has exceeded all my expectations.

    First and foremost, the product's build quality is top-notch. The frame is sturdy and well-constructed, ensuring maximum stability during intense racing sessions. The seat is comfortable and offers excellent lumbar support, which is crucial for extended gaming sessions. The simulator's controls are another standout feature. The steering wheel feels incredibly realistic, and the pedals offer just the right amount of resistance for an authentic racing experience. The paddle shifters are responsive and offer precise gear changes, making it easy to tackle even the most challenging tracks.

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