Moza Racing

Leveraging our extensive knowledge in automotive powertrain, electric motor, and chassis control, as well as our proficiency in producing top-notch camera stabilizers, MOZA Racing emerges as a formidable contender in the dynamic realm of sim racing.

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Moza Racing

Leveraging our extensive knowledge in automotive powertrain, electric motor, and chassis control, as well as our proficiency in producing top-notch camera stabilizers, MOZA Racing emerges as a formidable contender in the dynamic realm of sim racing.

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  • R12 Wheel Base

    Discover the MOZA R12 sim racing wheelbase, a perfect blend of power and performance in sim racing. Experience dynamic racing with its 12 N·m torque direct drive servo motor and enjoy precision and immersion with its advanced FFB filtering algorithm. This lightweight, aviation-grade aluminum wheelbase offers durability, sleek design, and smooth operation. Features include ultra-low FFB latency, responsive steering, intelligent temperature control, and hand-off protection. Control and customize easily with the MOZA Pit House software and cloud-based mobile app.

  • Standalone R5 Wheelbase

    Begin your journey into the Sim Racing world with MOZA R5. With a peak torque of 5.5 N·m, this entry-level wheelbase delivers great force feedback introducing you to realistic racing experiences. Crafted with aeroplane-grade aluminum, for superior durability, it’s also powered by an ultra-high power density servo motor, for precise and responsive movements. Take full control with the MOZA Pit House Control Software and APP Cloud Control. Enjoy compatibility with all MOZA V2 wheels, expanding your options.

  • R9 V2 Wheel Base

    The MOZA R9 is the wheelbase for the racers that want to take it seriously. This cutting-edge product offers 9 Nm of torque from a direct-drive servo motor, ensuring unparalleled performance. Crafted with aviation-grade aluminum alloy, it combines minimum weight with maximum torque. With wireless power and communication, smart temperature control, and easy assembly, it’s a breeze to use. Experience control like never before with the MOZA Pit House Control Center and enjoy seamless operation through the APP Cloud Control.

  • R16 Wheel Base

    The MOZA R16 sim racing wheelbase is a stylish and powerful addition to your racing setup. Boasting a peak torque of 16 Nm, it provides intense force feedback for a truly immersive experience. Its durable all-aluminum alloy body features a supercar-inspired design. With hands-off protection and ultra-low static torque, you can race distraction-free. The high-resolution system captures every nuance of your driving, and the MOZA Pit House App Control offers easy tuning and one-click race launching.

  • R21 Wheel Base

    Experience the zenith of sim racing with the MOZA R21 wheelbase. Boasting a commanding peak torque of 21 Nm, 30% more than similar models, it offers unmatched force feedback for an immersive experience. Its robust all-aluminum alloy body features a supercar-inspired design. The R21 motor, with a triple staggered slanted pole design, ensures a smooth, vibration-free performance. High-resolution feedback captures every detail of your driving. Enjoy distraction-free racing with hands-off protection and ultra-low static torque. The MOZA Pit House App Control facilitates easy fine-tuning, and its one-click launch system swiftly gears you up for victory.

  • HBP Handbrake

    • Aeroplane Grade Aluminum
    • 16 Bit High Precision Position Sensor
    • Pressure and Travel Adjustable
    • Dual Mode and Multi-Angle Adjustable
    • USB connection to PC

  • HGP Shifter

    The MOZA HGP Shifter, crafted from anodized aviation-grade aluminum, offers durability and reliability. This CNC machined shifter includes seven forward gears and one reverse, catering to various simulation scenarios. Its patented intelligent downshift system, customizable via the MOZA Pit House, enhances vehicle balance and smoothness, removing the need for heel and toe shifting skills. Elevate your racing with the MOZA Racing HGP Shifter.

  • KS Steering Wheel

    Meet the MOZA KS Sim Racing Steering Wheel, tailor-made for GT racing enthusiasts. This 300mm butterfly-style GT wheel, constructed with carbon fiber-reinforced composites and TPE rubber grips, ensures both strength and comfort. It features programmable short-travel RGB buttons for custom controls and precise input. The wheel is equipped with hall sensor magnetic paddles and dual clutch functionality for smooth, accurate gear shifts. It's compatible with all MOZA bases and third-party wheelbases through the MOZA Universal Hub Kit PC adapter. The Real Racing QR system and MOZA Pit House Control Suite further enhance your racing experience.

  • Standalone ES Steering Wheel

    The MOZA ES, a masterfully crafted sim racing steering wheel, is ready to make you jump into an immersive racing experience. Enjoy the luxury of hand-made stitch leather grips, combining comfort and style. The aluminum alloy frame ensures durability without compromising aesthetics. Experience seamless transitions with the customized Quick Release from Real Racing. The RGB sequential shifter light indicator adds a dynamic touch to your racing setup while the 22 programmable buttons at your disposal provide you with full control over your racing style.

  • CS V2P Steering Wheel

    Unleash your full potential on the track with the CS V2P and bring your racing experience to the next level. Guaranteed durability and a sleek aesthetic thanks to its aviation-grade aluminum alloy frame. Customized Quick Release for easy installation and removal. Featuring Carbon Fiber photoelectric shifter paddles for precise and responsive gear changes. The RGB sequential shifter light indicator adds a dynamic touch to your racing setup. Programmable mechanical key buttons to customize your controls to suit your preferences.

  • GS V2P GT Wheel

    Dominate the track with MOZA GS GT Wheel, the ultimate sim racing steering wheel. Experience luxury and comfort by opting between its Alcantara and Microfiber Leather construction. The stylish forged carbon fiber case ensures sturdiness without sacrificing aesthetics. With magnetic and photoelectric sensors, every motion is flawlessly captured. Enjoy the accuracy of its programmable mechanical keyboard buttons, and the seamless transitions provided by its customized quick-release offers. Keep control over your race with the RGB shift indicator and push your experience beyond limits.

  • FSR Formula Wheel

    Discover the MOZA FSR, the apex of our sim racing steering wheel collection. It combines luxury and performance with perforated leather grips and Toray carbon fiber construction for both comfort and durability. Enjoy swift gear changes with magnetic dual clutch paddles and stay informed with the 4.3-inch built-in digital dash for real-time data. The wheel features a customized Quick-Release from Real Racing, along with customizable RGB RPM and shift indicators, adding a dynamic aesthetic to your racing setup.

  • RS V2 Steering Wheel

    Enhance your sim racing with the RS steering wheel, a GT wheel compatible with all MOZA wheelbases for a seamless experience. Made from forged carbon fiber and aluminum, it offers both durability and style. The 13-inch racing rim with an ergonomic design and genuine leather grip ensures comfort and a touch of elegance. Its quick-release mechanism allows easy installation and removal, and you can opt for either wireless or wired connections. The LED RGB Rev Light and carbon fiber magnetic shifters add to the immersion, ensuring precise gear shifts.

  • CRP Pedals

    Master your speed like a pro with the MOZA CRP Pedals. Featuring a 3-stage clutch for superior control. The CNC aluminum pedal assembly ensures sturdiness and reliability. Adjust the angle to suit your preference and optimize your performance. With its high-precision pressure sensor, every input is accurately detected.

  • SR-P Pedal

    Elevate your racing with the MOZA SR-P pedals, engineered for precision and high performance. Built with durable high-strength steel and a high-precision pressure sensor supporting up to 100KG, these pedals offer responsive and reliable inputs. They feature a 16-bit high-precision magnetic encoder for detailed movement capture. Adjust the pedal spacing to suit your comfort and easily integrate with your PC via USB. Enjoy smooth braking with the advanced spring and damping block mechanism.

  • SR-P Lite Clutch Pedal

    Clutch ADD-ON for R3 & R5 Bundle.

    *Not compatible with SR-P Pedal.

  • RM High-Definition Digital Dashboard

    • Large-size Full-color High-definition Screen
    • 60HZ high refresh rate
    • All aluminum alloy thin frame
    • Quick Assemble technology
    • Compatible with R16 R21 only
  • CM HD Digital Dash

    • 5-inch colored HD dash
    • Thin and Floating Design
    • Liftable Design
    • 60Hz Refresh Rate
    • Compatible with Most Games
    • 7 Styles of Interface 
  • 12-inch Round Wheel Mod for ES

  • ES Formula Wheel Mod

  • Handbrake / Shifter Table Clamp

  • Extension Rod

  • Front Mounting

  • Universal Hub Kit

  • R5 40mm to 66mm 4 holes Adapter Plate

  • Universal Base Mount Adapter

  • Performance Kit for R5 Bundle

  • SR-P Accessory Kit

  • Quick Release Adapter

  • E-Stop Switch

Setting benchmarks, not limits. GTR Simulator

Setting benchmarks, not limits. GTR Simulator