Manuals & Software

Click on any of the links to see how easy it is to set up and install your new GTR Racing Simulator.

Manuals & Software

Click on any of the links to see how easy it is to set up and install your new GTR Racing Simulator.

GTM V1 and V2 Platform Software Download

Click Below to download GTR Simulator Simtools Software Installation and the Profiles

If the Computer is not recognizing the motion platform device and is not issuing a COM port to the GTM, please download the USB to Serial Driver

GTM Installation Manual Download → 

GTM Motion Platform V2 Installation Manual Download → 

GTM Software Manual Download → 

GTR Simtools V2.4 Download*→

Game Plugins Download → 

Axis Interface Profile Download →  

USB to Serial Driver Download→ 

* Registration is required with Simtools and is not included

  • GTR Simulator Support

    Problems with your racing simulator cockpit?

    Although we don’t anticipate any problems with our racing simulator cockpits, GTR Simulator’s quality racing simulator is backed with a 5 year chair and 10 year frame warranty. 

    This guarantee is valid only upon presentation of the original proof of purchase and valid guarantee certificate, bearing the date of purchase and name of the retailer or supplier, together with the defective product. These documents are invalid if damaged or altered. This guarantee is invalid if the product has been damaged as a result of any of the following: Commercial use (including rental or hire), accident, normal wear and tear or misuse. This shall include, but not be confined to, negligence in the use of the product for its intended purpose, failure to correctly follow the instructions for its use, maintenance or installation, and use of the product in any way which contravenes applicable local technical or safety standards. Any modification or change of any kind to the product for any reason whatsoever, and whether or not properly carried out.

     Where permitted under applicable law, this guarantee constitutes your sole and exclusive legal resort in the event of breach of contract or breach of terms and conditions of supply, explicit or implicit, with respect to this product, and neither GTR Simulator® nor its agents or suppliers shall be liable for any incidental or consequential loss not covered herein.