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GTR Simulator

GTM Motion Platform V2

GTM Motion Platform V2

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Buckle up

The GTM V2 Motion Platform by GTR Simulator allows you to take your ride for a test lap without ever stopping for gas, hitting the track, changing a tire, or breaking the bank. The GTM V2 Motion Platform leaves the competition in the dust by incorporating leading motion technology at a fraction of the cost. Learn to ace that landing, sharpen your corners, and shave off those seconds. Whether you’re a professional driver, a pilot earning your wings, or a gamer looking for a more immersive way to play, GTR Simulator has your six.
We are very excited to take release out newest motion simulator model! Limited quantity will be available until restock - reserve yours while supplies last.

  • Comfortably padded racing chair allows front to back adjustment and tilt control
  • Control and pedal decks can be adjusted for height or tilt angle
  • Sleek, compact design engineered to fit both the ergonomics of your body and the home environment
  • Powder-coated steel frame comes well finished with no sharp edges
  • Monitor Platform conforms to Video Electronics Standards Association (VESA FDMI) mounts 100x100mm and 200x200mm
  • All hardware and necessary tools included for easy assembly
  • USB 2.0 interface
*GTR Simulator GTM Motion Simulator requires the use of third-party Simtools software and that registration is not included in the purchase.
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Motion Platform V2 - Seamlessly Upgrading Your Rig


Experience the adrenaline rush of the racetrack without leaving home with the Motion Platform V2 by GTR Simulator. This cutting-edge motion platform takes sim racing to the next stage, providing a full cockpit experience at a fraction of the cost of its competitors.

Get ready to buckle up and embrace the thrill of the race with the Motion Platform V2 by GTR Simulator – leading motion technology, immersive gameplay, and superior value, all in one package.


Technical Specs

The total length is 70 inches (177.8 cm.) The total height is 45 inches (114.3 cm.) [from floor to the top of racing seat] The total width is 21.5 inches (54.61 cm.) DC Motors rated at 12V 20A 250W 50RPM Max user weight: 300 lb (136 kg.) Range of Motion: Max. angular displacement of pitch & roll : +-15°

Enhanced Compatibility

Transform your standard racing cockpit into an immersive motion simulator effortlessly with the Motion Platform V2. This versatile upgrade seamlessly integrates with all GTR Simulator models, including the GTA, GTA-Pro, GTA Revolution, and GTA Kart Elite. Experience the thrill of realistic racing like never before, all within the comfort of your own home.


The Motion Platform V2 runs exclusively on PCs running Windows 7 or later. For further details regarding the necessary hardware needed to run your racing sims, please look up the specifications for the system requirements of the titles you are interested in running.

VR Compatibility

The GTM comes with monitor mounting brackets, but If you’d like to utilize a VR headset, then go for it! So long as your PC supports VR, your motion gaming experience should be fine considering that the motion unit does not pull any data from the headset and as far as it is concerned the headset is just a display.


  • Total length: 62 inches
  • Total height: 12 inches
  • Total width: 30 inches
  • DC Motors rated at 12V 20A 250W 50RPM
  • Max capacity: 300 lbs
  • Range of Motion: Max. angular displacement of pitch & roll : +-15°