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MOZA R21 Wheel Base

MOZA R21 Wheel Base

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Discover the pinnacle of our sim racing wheelbases collection, the MOZA R21. With a remarkable peak torque of 21 Nm,  it sports a 30% larger torque output than other similar models, it delivers unparalleled force feedback for a truly immersive racing experience. Its all-aluminum alloy body combines strength and elegance with its unique supercar-inspired design. The R21 motor utilizes 6 unique design approaches to ensure a smooth racing experience. The rotor of the R21 is a triple staggered slanted pole design commonly found in electric motor vehicles and ensures a balanced vibration-free motor. Featuring 262,144 points of resolution, every movement is captured with exceptional precision. With hands-off protection and ultra-low static torque, you can focus on the race without distractions. Take control with the MOZA Pit House App Control, allowing you to fine-tune settings with ease. Its one-click launching system puts you on the fast lane to victory.


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