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RealSimGear GTN750 and GFC500 Bundle

RealSimGear GTN750 and GFC500 Bundle

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The ultimate RealSimGear bundle! Includes both the GTN750, GFC500 and the dual stand.  This is a great combination for your home simulator as the GTN750 also includes a transponder and full audio panel control.

  • Integrated touch screen
    Responsive touch screen enables all of the GTN750 on screen functions, connects via HDMI and USB
  • Fully assembled & enclosed
    No assembly, 3D printing, soldering etc required, comes fully enclosed and ready to mount in your panel or our desktop stand
  • Fully functional knobs and tactile buttons
    Rubber buttons match the feel of the real device
  • Change your comm radio frequencies quickly and easily
    no more fumbling with the mouse, allowing you to develop muscle memory and proficiency for instrument flying
  • Make your sim training more effective
    and representative of real world flying
  • For X-Plane, Prepare3D v3, v4, v5, FSX Steam Edition, and Microsoft Flight Sim (MSFS)
    Plugin software is provided for X-Plane, P3D v3, v4, v5, FSX Steam Edition and Microsoft Flight Sim (MSFS). Requires Reality-XP GTN750 software for X-Plane, Prepar3d v3, v4, v5, and FSX Steam Edition.  Requires PMS50 GTN or TDSSim GTN software for MSFS. The GTN software is Windows only, so this product is only compatible with Windows based systems.
  • Dimensions
    Carefully matched to the real thing at 158mm x 160mm and will sit 22mm in front of your panel surface.

This product is especially helpful for learning and practicing instrument flying procedures.  When coupled with virtual ATC like PilotEdge or VatSIM this provides the most realistic simulation possible.  This allows you to develop familiarity with the Garmin GTN750 interface and controls so you can be better prepared for actual lessons with your CFII.

This unit features it's own high quality LCD screen that is used to display the Reality-XP GTN750 pop out screen.

Make your sim training more effective and representative of real world flying

** This system is NOT compatible with Mac due to driver and screen handling issues with MacOS.  This will require a PC to work.

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