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RealSimGear - Piper Archer BATD

RealSimGear - Piper Archer BATD

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Flight Controls

The RealSimGear FAA Approved Piper Archer BATD is a realistic, self contained flight simulation system for both home and flight school use.

The system comprises a new modular panel system that includes all cables and connections, resulting in a single power and USB3 connection to your PC.  This makes the RealSimGear FAA approved Piper Archer BATD very portable and easy to setup.  The panel system does not require any cumbersome clamps or mounts, which makes it easily portable.

Two options are available for flight controls (see below for more information).  This system comes ready to fly, including a high end flight simulation PC and high resolution, 49" curved display.  An instructor station is also provided.

  • Suitable for Piper Archer G1000 equipped Aircraft
  • Choice of Standard or Professional Flight Controls
    ** See the "IN THE BOX" for control options
RealSimGear strives to ensure that the hardware and software provided as part of our system packages accurately emulates the real aircraft. While our products meet or exceed the requirements of the FAA BATD and AATD standards, there may be slight differences between the simulated hardware and software and the real aircraft.  We are continuously working towards improving and enhancing the accuracy of our products and updates will be provided as they become available.  RealSimGear does not declare or guarantee that the aircraft models or avionics in our simulator systems will perfectly mirror those found in the real aircraft. By purchasing one of our products, the customer acknowledges and accepts the aforementioned statements, and consents to the purchase of the simulator system with the limitations stated above.


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